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Signed Edition
Gingko Press
276 Pages,

10” x 12” Hardcover

370 Illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-58423-314-5



Speedseekers is a fine art book based on analog pictures. It is organized in five main chapters: History, Garage, Speed, Landspeed, and Style & Sound. Breathtaking archival photographs of legendary racers and race cars set the stage, a stunning suite of portraits of the protagonists in their private garages give the book a rare glimpse behind the scenes. Contemporary images of today’s racers and current record-holders 

 with their wheels and their fans lend the whole phenomenon a riveting and authentic air. But it doesn’t stop there. The whole world of the supporting cast is represented, customizers, painters and stripers, model builders, illustrators and tattoo artists, musicians and designers fill out this amazing collection of all things speedy. All of it told with the gear-banging prose of Kevin Thomson.

Größe oder Maße

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28 cm x 22 cm 


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276 Seiten

370 Bilder und Illustrationen


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- Ausklappseite mit der Geschichte der Hot Rod Kultur
- Hardcover mit Silberprägung
- Schutzumband mit Glanzlack
- Silber als fünfte Druckfarbe
- Original historische Bilder von 1940 - 1980