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Published by Speedseekers Productions
Hardcover 30 x 24 cm
128 pages ca 90 color photos
ISBN 978-3-00-068557-6



MUTANT VEHICLES. Art on Wheels at Burning Man 

Experience the surreal world of Mutant Vehicles at Burning Man through a high quality coffee-table book with interactive elements.

This book will be my third fine art book. A tribute to the artists of Burning Man's driving artwork, the so called "Mutant Vehicles". I love deserts and I love bizarre cars, so it was just a question of time that I would get in touch with this kind of species in this great surreal scenario and make them my new project. Since 2014 I am documenting the vehicles curving around the festival area in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada (USA) and their creators. The output are photos that are dramatic and cinematic. Portraits of the vehicles, appearing like a Fata Morgana. Pictures capturing the passion of the builders. Now, all assembled in a high quality photo fine art book. The book will be a hardcover book, printed in Germany on a Heidelberg machine. It will be in full color with dispersion coating glossy, which makes the pictures look brilliant.



To provide an even closer experience of Burning Man and the vehicles, the book will have an interactive part, which incorporates video, audio and images – depending on reaching the stretching goals: Big pictures will let you get immersed in the world, interviews let you get up close and personal with some Mutant Vehicle artists, a video clip take you on a ride on a Mutant Vehicle through the desert. 

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30 x 24 cm


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128 pages

Full color with dispersion coating glossy


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- Interactiv Elements to experience Burning Man: Musik, Film, Interviews
- Augmented Reality Element
- Fine Art Book made in Germany. Printed in Heidelberg.