Alexandra Lier is a award winning artist working across a range of media, including photography, film, 3D, AR, NFT and AI. Lier's photographs are dramatic and cinematic. Her work is based on long-term observation, while people are the center: Strong women, characters with passion, communities, especially in the field of subculture. 

Born in Frankfurt she studied communication and fine arts, and art history. Upon graduation, Lier worked as a award winning Creative for well known adversiting. After  winning a number of advertising industry awards she pursued her artistic interests.  

Over the last decade, she built a substantial reputation in fine art. As fine art photographer she published three books: "Speedseekers" (Fine Art Book by Gingko Press, 2009), "The World´s Fastest Place" (Fine Art Book by Kehrer Verlag, 2014), "Mutant Vehicles" (Fine Art Book by Speedseekers Productions, 2021). 

As director she made two award winning documentarys: “The Worlds Fastest" (feature-length documentary 2018) and “Chasing 200” (short documentary 2021). 

She is inspiring young creatives with her work as speaker and with workshops. 
At the moment she works a lot in the field of AR-, NFT- and AI- Art.


Her award winning work was featured worldwide in newspapers & magazines like FAZ, Spiegel, CNN, and shown in galleries, exhibitions and art fairs like Scope Basel and Bloom Cologne.