Alexandra Lier is an German visual artist and filmmaker. Best known for her photography. Lier's photographs usually take place in small-town America, but are dramatic and cinematic. Her work is about encourage & passion in the most diverse facets. With her works she manages to fascinate the viewer and thus to become part of the story.

Born in Frankfurt she studied communication and fine arts, and art history. Upon graduation, Lier worked as a award winning Creative for well known adversiting. After  winning a number of advertising industry awards she pursued her artistic interests. Over the next decade, Lier built a substantial reputation in fine art photography with works including Speedseekers: Fine Art Book by Gingko Press (edition 8.500) The World´s Fastest Place, Fineart Book by Kehrer Verlag (edition 2.500). Her work has been featured in many magazines, blogs, newspapers and shown on art shows like Scope Basel and Bloom Cologne. She just finished her first feature-length film „The World´s Fastest“ which is based on “Do the thing that delights you to the end.”

PRESS: Spiegel online, Süddeutsche Zeitung, FAZ, BBC, Bored Panda, Auto Bild, Photographie Magazine, CNN online, Stern online, Petroliciouse, NDR, Design Boom, Fubiz, Esquire, Ramp, …